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Sabtu, 22 November 2014

Unique museum displaying various wires

Dallas - There are many strange museums in the world that just collect certain objects, such as a toilet museum or museum of instant noodles. Well in Texas, the US is no Devil's Rope Museum are just collecting barbed wire.

Barbed wire may not be anything special, but it has its own benefits for humans. A visit to this museum will not make you bored. You may know that the barbed wire turned out to have an interesting development history since it was discovered in the 18th century.

Reported by detikTravel from its official website on Friday (11/21/2014), Devil's Rope Museum displays various forms of barbed wire along its history and also objects to make the fence. Devil's Rope Museum is located at 100 Kingsley Street, Route 66, Town McLean, Texas, United States.

Devil's Rope Museum featuring around 2,000 types and variations of barbed wire. If you want to know more about the barbed wire, there are guides who are ready to tell the history of a variety of barbed wire as he accompanies you around the museum.

The museum is open from 09:00 to 17:00 on Monday through Friday. While Saturday, the museum is open from 10:00 until 16:00. The museum is closed during the winter. Normally the museum is closed on the date scheduled for November 1 to March 1.

Fun, you do not need to pay admission or free. However, it is fine if you want to make a donation to the museum.

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