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Jumat, 15 November 2013

Magic! There Waterfall Fire in California

Yosemite - What's on your mind at the sight of the falls but there is red like a fire ? This is not fantasy because tourists can see the natural wonders of Yosemite National Park , California , USA .
This waterfall is not unusual . Locals named Horsetail . Maybe because at first glance the waterfall is shaped like a horse's tail , hence named so .
But not the shape that most attracts tourists , but the sensation of another waterfall from the others . When viewed at a certain time , Horsetail like not lowering the water from a height , but a fire .
Yes , this is not carelessly said . Horsetail waterfall at a glance it does look like sparks. Red and blazing orange looks like a real fire .
But do not trigger fear . Turns Horsetail did not drain the fire . All that flows here is really just plain water .
Peek of the official website of Yosemite National Park , on Thursday ( 14/11/2013 ) , the red and orange sun reflection effect apparently . When it is , the light reflecting sunlight to the waterfall , and the impact to the appearance of a waterfall -like sparks.

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