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Kamis, 21 November 2013

Osaka Japan Tourism

Usually many people immediately called Tokyo as the city you want to visit in Japan, but many beautiful cities other than Tokyo which can be visited in Japan such as Osaka. Osaka is one of the metropolitan cities in Japan located on the island of Honshu. And a lot of interesting things that can be done or visited this place. With the sparkling city of Osaka, enjoy your visit at this cherry country.
Osaka Castle

A towering fortress, strong and graceful as evidence of the triumph of Osaka in the past. Not complete it if you do not visit this place if holidaying in Osaka. Osaka castle was built in the 17th century and is located on a hill and surrounded by beautiful gardens. This place has the original design was not changed at all since time immemorial on the outside, but has a modern twist on the inside. Osaka Castle is you can see the history of the city of Osaka, video, up to a state of war diorama. On one floor you can also wear costume photos with the ancient Japanese soldiers.
Hanshin Tigers Game
Competed place Hanshin Tiger Stadium (c) carpediem-bigfish.blogspot.comStadion place Hanshin Tiger Competed (c)

Japanese society is very fond of baseball. And two great teams who became mortal enemies are the Osaka Hanshin Tigers and Yomiuri Giants of Tokyo. Tiger fanatics are very loyal to their teams, but they also hate Giant team supporters. Watching those games was an enjoyable experience. Hanshin Tiger playing in Nishinomiya, Koshien Stadium. The stadium is one dar three other stadiums in Japan that uses natural grass instead of artificial grass.
Umeda Sky Building

This building is the tallest building in Osaka twelfth. However, this building became the most iconic buildings in Osaka. Being at the top of tall building 101 floors, you can see the whole city of Osaka is beautiful. To go to the floor observatories, you will be taken to use the escalators break out and claimed to be the world's tallest escalator. In the evening, the floor observatorinya glow in the dark and make it as the most romantic place in Osaka. Not infrequently seen men who apply for partner here.
There are many other interesting places such as Namba Park, Shinshaibashi, Shitennoji that you can also visit and enjoy its beauty. You can also feel the excitement attending a local festival held each year in Shitennoji. Or if you are visiting in the summer, Japanese people usually like menghelat summer festivals scattered yummy snacks and games similar to the night market in Indonesia. Feel and enjoy the beauty of modern and traditional Japan in Osaka.

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